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Term Life Insurance

Also referred to as Mortgage Protection, this is a great option to get more coverage at a lower rate that is locked in for a defined number of years.  Your current age will limit how long a term is for, but it usually ranges from 10 to 30 years.  This is a great product to have to cover large debts such as your home or business in the event you pass before your debts are paid.  Term Life can be renewed at annually increasing rates without proving insurability or can be converted to a lesser whole life policy later.

Whole Life Insurance

As the name suggests, this is coverage for your whole life (as long as you pay the premiums).  It provides lifetime coverage and can provide cash value accumulation.  It offers tax-deferred growth of the policy cash values and liquidity through policy loans.  This type of policy is sometimes referred to as a final expense policy as you hope to outlive your debts so that only your burial costs will remain.

Critical Illness Insurance

We offer multiple policies that offer financial protection in the event of a catastrophic event such as cancer, heart attack, or accident.  Treatments and hospitalization takes you away from your job and you paycheck...but not your bills.  Things such as vehicle insurance, phone bills, lights, possibly rent or mortgage payments, and other regular obligations don't care that you aren't getting paid this week.  One or a combination of these affordable plans can help ease the cost of traveling back and forth for treatments and help keep the lights on for when you get home.

Disability Insurance

Much like critical illness, those bills don't care that you aren't drawing a paycheck right now.  One of these plans can offset the stress and worry of not working.

Dental, Vision, & Hearing Insurance

Of course, you probably have health coverage, but chances are that a few things just aren't, vision, and hearing.  These plans help fill in the gap between not just your front teeth, but your health insurance and your bank account.  Dental cleanings and repairs can be costly.  Eye exams and hearing tests can add up.  Why not get something in place to protect the money in your pocket?

Medicare Supplement

‚ÄčMedicare is great, but it doesn't cover everything.  a supplemental plan can ensure you get the treatments you need without breaking the bank.

Health Savings Account

A health savings account is a great way to set money aside to cover deductibles and procedures that your health insurance wants you to pay.  We offer a program that actually adds funds to your account to give you a benefit ranging from $2,500 to $60,000 depending on which monthly contribution you're comfortable with.  You can see the plans and sign up at

Watch this video for an overview of how it works.

Pet Health Savings Account

Yes, you can get a matching health savings account for your pets, too.  This one we need to talk to you about first to make sure you understand what it will and won't cover.

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