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The Pet Health Matching Account (PHMA®) is a medical savings account designed exclusively to pay for veterinary expenses for all of the pets in your household. You will choose from our six different monthly, contribution options ranging anywhere from as low as $40 per month to as high as $259 per month (not including maintenance fees) that will be able to fit into any family’s monthly budget. Once you have selected the plan of your choosing, the PHMA® account crediting that you receive each month that is added to your monthly contribution will continue to grow until you are receiving access to up to $2 or more in pet benefits for every $1 that you pay into your PHMA® plan on a monthly basis as the program progresses. Each of the six PHMA® plans that are available for you are all designed to grow to a target account balance of your choosing over 35 months if you did not use your benefits, but the PHMA® account crediting is so strong that you can certainly use your PHMA® as much as you would like along the way to reaching your target account balance cap and still be saving money on all of your out-of-pocket, pet health expenses.
This sample illustration below demonstrates how the PHMA® 10000 account balance with a $150 per month contribution grows over a 35-month period. Over this 35-month period, the crediting awarded to the participant’s monthly contribution is so strong that $5,250 of contribution can create a $10,000 PHMA® account balance for the PHMA® owner to use to pay for all of their pets’ veterinarian costs (assuming no prior usage of the card before 35 months). Once participants reach their target, account balance caps, which in this case is $10,000, they are no longer responsible for making a full, monthly PHMA® account balance contribution (and only maintenance fees are required) until they use their PHMA® account to pay for a subsequent pet medical expense.
And what happens when you do pay for a pet health care expense using your PHMA® after you have allowed it to build up? In this example, showing a large, $4,600 pet medical expense being paid after the pet owner reached their target account balance cap of $10,000, the PHMA® guaranteed account crediting will replenish that $4,600 for only $1,650 of additional contribution over 11 months! That translates to nearly a 70% savings just in this one example and is even better when you consider the month you paid the expense because you would have only needed to pay your $150 monthly contribution to pay for your entire $4,600 pet medical expense. The PHMA® creates additional pet health care savings for pet owners that would have never been possible before in addition to providing the security blanket and peace of mind that pet owners like you are desperately seeking and will appreciate for any future, unforeseen medical expenses that you might incur.

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